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environmentally friendly cleaning at home, for the car and boat, for industry and retail

About Us

Alclear International enjoys the quality of an excellent range of environmentally friendly range of products for cleaning & care.

All that is used is WATER. Never buy those cleaning agents again. It is such a clever solution for Man and Nature.

It is a solution that will simplify and brighten your life to have that hygienic feeling of well-being and more.

Our success story commenced in 1996 in Germany with the ultra microfibre window cloth and now we have over 30 cleaning products to offer our customers.

The products can be used for such things as your vehicle, boat, smartphone, iPad, computer, windows, toys, jewellery, pets, bathroom, kitchen, laundry, floors and skin care etc.

It isn't just the home. Professional cleaning, automotive, shipping and the aircraft industries have taken on board the Alclear International Range due to the effectiveness of the ultra fibres against dust, dirt, grease, moisture. Add to this the long term cost savings and a green clean tick of approval for the environment.

Active Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection Responsible management of resources on our planet has priority at ALCLEAR along the entire product life cycle. Our production sites therefore comply with the strictest national and international environmental regulations and, specifically, we guarantee to our customers that we clean and re-use process water and use green electricity and microfibre cloths free from the use of harmful substances.

As the best waste products are the ones that do not occur in the first place, we do everything in our power to reduce sales packaging and keep the use of paper to an absolute minimum. Our products are designed for a long service life. Because you don't throw away something that lasts a long time.